Halifax Crafters Spring Market 2019

Posted by Miya Turnbull on

This was this first time I got into the Halifax Crafters on my own- usually I apply with Inkstorm Silkscreen Collective, so this was very  exciting for me and I was busy all Spring with my new obsession- natural dyes. I had been dyeing with Indigo and expanded into working with logwood extract, cochineal, Brazilwood and making my own dyes from acorns, avocados, marigolds, turmeric, purple cabbage and onion skins. I also made my own iron solution from rusty nails and vinegar.

I overtook the kitchen with my dye pots and had the sewing machine, serger and iron on overdrive. I burned new designs onto silkscreens and my mom even flew out to help me heat set my fabric ink (hours of ironing!) and to help me sell through the weekend. It was so fun with her and Azalea! 

I love all the amazing vendors at Halifax Crafters, they are so talented and creative and all around so nice and supportive. It is very hard not to buy everything there. Thank goodness, most people are into trades! 

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